KAS Integra

Magazine and Folder Inserter

Automatic inserting into magazines or folders

The KAS Integra is a magazine inserting machine designed to insert or tip-in a variety of documents into a magazine or folder, cycling at up to 4000 filled items per hour. 

Different models are available depending on the size of the items into which the documents are being inserted, ranging from 210 x 100 mm to up to 230  x 320 mm.

The magazine feeder will feed up to 7mm thick, with the option to increase this to 10 mm.

The standard insert station handles items from 180 x 90 mm up to A4, with a maximum thickness of 2mm.

Touch screen control of station selection and output speed. The display screen also provides run information and error location. The insert feeder has miss, double and jam detectors.

Output from the inserting machine can be delivered onto a conveyor stacker or into an enveloping inserter such as the KAS Mailmaster 465HS or the KAS Mailwrap polywrapper so that the filled magazine or folder can pass directly from one machine to another with the addition of further inserts on to the document before enclosing into an envelope or polywrap.

This magazine inserting machine can be used simply as a multiple feeder system, either as a standalone system or in-line with document equipment from other manufacturers for almost any polywrapper on the market whether one chooses to insert the material inside the magazine first or not.

There is an on-line position to allow further equipment to be added upstream.

Click here to see the Integra in operation

Features and Benefits


  • Up to 4,000 filled magazines per hour
  • Magazine feeder will feed up to to 7mm thick 
  • Durable British Construction
  • Quick changeover between jobs


  • Can be used as a multiple feeder system for other devices
  • Quick set-up
  • Side insert stations feed a wide variety of material up to 7mm thick
  • Multiple feeding from each feeder to a preset equality

Ease of Operation

  • Pivoting touch control screen also provides run information and error location
  • Easy changeover from one job to another
  • Operation through a push button or touch screen
  • Completed items stacked in a collecting tray or conveyor stacker
  • Top load feeders for ease of filing
  • Re-load without stopping the machine


  • Insert stations have miss, jam and double detectors
  • Further sensors throughout to stop the machine in case of error
  • Test mode for running a trial insertion