Enfolder Inserter

Automated folding and envelope inserting of documents with attached plastic cards

The Enfolder can be used as a stand-alone unit or in-line to most plastic card match and attach systems on the market. This machine cycles at up to 3000 per hour handling documents with 1 to 4 cards attached. It can provide Z-fold, C-fold and half-fold using interchangeable cassettes. The touch screen control provides an error position display and facilitates the addition of on-line equipment

The Enfolder is fully compatible with the KAS Mailmaster range of envelope inserters, which takes automated attaching of plastic cards and envelope inserting to the next level.

The Enfolder plastic card inserter is manufactured by KAS Paper Systems, and acts as an interface between card match and attaching equipment and the inserting system. Thus enabling the printing, card matching/attaching, folding, inserting and sealing to be done in the same process. Insert stations on the envelope inserter can be selected to add further documents which could be single sheets, pre-folded items, books or CDs.

KAS Paper Systems can also incorporate its own camera reading, tracking and integrity software. The documents can be read on entry, tracked through the system and read again at the exit.

The run data is transferred to the reporting package which will give a real time on screen listing of documents processed, time of insertion and enclosures selected. An error control program can be set to a number of levels and out-sort errors away from the main output conveyor stacker.