Error Divert for Mailmaster inserter range

Whether it’s a ‘no code found’ on a blank sheet, a misread of a code or a document miss-feed, when an error occurs on a mailing line, it is important to identify and resolve it quickly and reliably. But how can you be sure that the error has been rectified properly and that everything is still in order and in the right place on restart?

The Error Divert facility from KAS Paper Systems is now available on our Mailmaster Ascent and Mailmaster 465HS machines.
It automatically outsorts any documents and individual envelopes with which an error was associated. All the documents involved in the error are inserted into an unsealed envelope and automatically re-routed to a separate conveyor, where they can be checked and modified, or re-printed as appropriate.

The system is extremely flexible and enables users to pre-select the type of errors to be out-sorted. It also enables users to set what level of divert tolerance they require (e.g. which documents are set as critical, or to divert a certain number of envelopes before and after the identified problem).

It works in conjunction with our job control and reporting software which will track and report on the recipients’ references, the number of prime documents and enclosures for each envelope, and time of processing. It will also record on the main run report, any associated errors and which items were out-sorted.

A separate error report is provided detailing these out-sorted items which can then be used as a reprint list.

Additional options include the fitting of a hand held scanner which can be used to scan diverted documents that have been manually accepted from the error conveyor.

Integrity of mailing data is obviously critically important for users sending secure data, such as those in the financial services sector.

However, with the problems associated with identity theft, mailing integrity is a growing concern for any organisation handling personalised mailings. So it is not surprising that Error Divert, in association with the job control and reporting software, is now a required option for most of our mailing system customers who work with variable personalised data.