KAS Modular Bookletmakers

KASFOLD 3000 and 5000 HCS

The KASFOLD range of Bookletmakers is designed to meet the requirements of the demanding user to provide years of service.

Standard features of the KASFOLD include automatic operation and double side jogging.

There is a choice of models with either flat clench stapling or the safety staple formed in an anvil.

The KASFOLD 5000HCS features 5000 capacity staple cassettes as well as 5 stapling positions, including one for corner stapling.

The KASFOLD 3000 has 4 stapling positions and the option of loop stapling. 

Collator Interface

The KAS conveyor jogger interface conveys collated sheets from a desktop collator to the bookletmaker and jogs before the stapling and folding sequence.


When making booklets a trimmer can be used with the KASFOLD. Each stapled and folded booklet is individually clamped and held flat before a single knife removes the feathered edge of the booklet.

KASFOLD Bookletmaker Features:

  • Sensors detect paper being inserted into the machine and automatically start the bookletmaking cycle
  • Variable time control between paper insertion and stapling for operator convenience.
  • Easily accessible control for simple adjustment, with tools, or paper/ booklet size.
  • Stapling heads have a capacity of 5000 sheets to facilitate longer, uninterrupted operation (5000 HCS).
  • KASFOLD 3000 – 4 stapling positions, movable heads and a choice of clinchers or safety staple.
  • KASFOLD 5000HCS – 5 stapling positions, including one for corner stapling with clinchers for flat staples.
  • Modular face trimmer and collator interface option
  • Edge stapling.
  • Side guides are set 15 mm wider than the paper for easier/faster insertion, both side guides move-in to jog the set before stapling
  • Drive motor shuts down if the bookletmaker is not used for a period of time and restarts when paper is placed under the stapling heads.
  • A sensor detects when a staple cassette is out of staples and automatically stops the machine.
  • Reset-able counter.
  • Integral conveyor/ stacker folds away when not in use, saving valuable space.
  • Free standing design and castors for easy mobility and storage.
  • Sturdy construction for years of service.